Technology: Audio-Video-Lighting

We offer technical and media experience, a combination that provides a partnership in communicating your message in the most effective manner.You will be thrilled as we save you money in your budget and assist you in determining your technology application. "Forbes" magazine interviewed the top mega-churches in America and found that technology was one of the top 2 common denominators in the secret to their growth. Many have used the phrase, "We can't afford to do it", when in reality they should be stating, "We can't afford not to do it." We look forward to assisting you in developing a method ofpresentation that meets your application need."

-Scott Chevalier, President
CYM Productions

We also specialize in working with Churches,Schools,City Parks,
Colleges and Universities to provide complete Audio, Video Projection,
Lighting Systems and Rentals.
can enhance your local event. Call us today and save on your equipment and installation. We WILL NOT be beat by price or service. That is our guarantee!

Community Events

CYM Productions understands the need for creative, community events. With our fast paced lifestyle and uncertain economy, families continually seek out affordable entertainment in their own backyard. We can work with any size organization from the family birthday party, the back-to-school bash, or a local theater/movie event in your local park, pool, or campus. 

RENT an inflatable screen for your next event.
Plus concessions at no additional cost to our clients.

Live Character Greetings also available (Alice in Wonderland, Cindy Lou Who, Grinch, Dorothy Gale)


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Creative Building Solutions

* Cost * Creativity  * Time

Sprung structures set the standard for tensioned membrane buildings. Discover their
many uses by leading companies and organizations that share your need for excellence.Flexible design means buildings can evolve as your needs do, changing in size or location. You can choose a structure to last 10 years or 100 years ? it's up to you.The Sprung team can complete a non-insulated structure at a rate of up to 2,000 square feet per day, and an insulated permanent structure as fast as 1,000 square feet per day.Sprung structures are engineered to lower project costs, reduce operating and energy expenses, and eliminate the need for interior finishing.Through invention, design and continued innovation, the reliability of our structures has been proven in some of the world's most demanding environments, from frozen icefields to desert sands.